Lesson 35


You are now going to vary the STANDARD finger pattern.

The SECOND finger changes position.

By the end of the book you will be able to change the position of this finger at will.


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71 Egyptian Snake - Student's Track
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71 Egyptian Snake... - Duet
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72 Shalom - Student's Track
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Key Points: Pieces 71 & 72


  • This is a significant change in the left hand and will take some getting used to. You are going to start to vary the 'standard' finger pattern and be able to play some new notes.

  • Your second finger now moves from being close to the 3rd finger to close to your 2nd finger (check the photo on the left).

  • Pieces from now onwards will be concerned with this change in the position of the 2nd finger.

  • In piece 71 the new note is an F on the D string. The piece is helpful because you start on the open D and move step by step towards it. Listen to the student's track to get help pitching it.

  • Piece 71 includes some hooked bowing so don't ignore this.

  • Watch out for the effect on your 4th finger. It will feel like a stretch.

  • In stretching for your 4th finger the rest of your fingers may follow it up the finger board (towards you) and these fingers will be out of tune (sharp). You may have to then allow for this slight shift in positon and move your hand back so that the other fingers play in tune once more.

  • Piece 72 applies this change in 2nd finger to the A string (a new note 'C').

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